A Day at Sea

I haven’t said much about Oceania’s Marina and this is a good time to fill you in. Irene and I had been invited to the ship’s christening back in January and were very impressed with what we saw that weekend. But it’s actually sailing on the Marina for 16 days that’s given us a real feeling for what this magnificent ship is all about. Simply put, we loved it. We had a Concierge Cabin on the Penthouse deck.

Of all the perks that go with being in Concierge class, the one I appreciated the most was having access to the Executive Lounge, reserved for Concierge and Penthouse passengers. Here you can get a continental breakfast and snacks throughout the day and evening, enjoy a terrific coffee machine for espressos and cappuccinos as well as regular coffee and tea, and relax in front of a large screen TV and read newspapers from around the world. A concierge is at your disposal throughout the day.

Jacques Pepin

Jacques Pepin in his onboard restaurant, Jacques

Stunning artwork

Stunning artwork

Quiet corner

Quiet corner

I already mentioned how fabulous the food was. We had breakfast most mornings upstairs in the casual Terrace Café. Then there is Waves Grill, which had great hamburgers, hotdogs and sandwiches, only steps from the ship’s pool. The Marina offers a formal British-style tea every day at 4 PM, with luscious sandwiches and desserts.

The ship has a busy fitness center as well as the beautiful Canyon Ranch Spa. The Bon Appetit Culinary Center for cooking classes and demos was such a hit that I heard the classes were all sold out even before the ship sailed. The library and nearby Baristas Coffee Bar were very popular too.

The staff and crew were absolutely first rate — professional and friendly from the getgo. It certainly looked to me like the Marina had a happy crew.

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