Bar Harbor

Yesterday, the Symphony docked in Boston. Irene went ashore to take a tour of Boston and Cambridge, while I stayed aboard to get some work done. Then today we reached Bar Harbor, Maine, which is a favorite of ours. We always enjoy spending time in Acadia National Park.

Hike in Acadia National ParkWe decided to take the Crystal excursion with a small group, a hike up Goreham Mountain. We’d read that it was somewhat strenuous, but decided to do it anyway. It was very beautiful but rocky (after all, this is Maine), which made for difficult walking. Afterwards, we stopped in Bar Harbor for clam chowder, a real treat. There’s nothing like local cooking done the right way.

This afternoon Irene and I hosted the Ensemble cocktail party for guests from Ensemble travel agencies in the US and Canada. It was a beautiful afternoon, and we all marveled at the sunset and sailed away from a very special place.

Please view my gallery from this trip.
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