Getting there was the hardest part.

Things started on a sour note when our American Airlines flight from JFK to Heathrow was delayed 2 1/2 hours. I was "hosting" a group of 30 and I wanted to board the ship early to handle any issues that might come up as our travelers arrived — but, with the delay, this was not to be.
Marina christening

We were at the Marina's christening 1/2011.

On arrival, I also managed to grab the wrong bag from the carousel (a first in all my years of travel!) and didn’t realize it until I received a phone call from the airlines alerting me. We were only 1/2 hour from Dover when I got the call so we decided to continue to the ship and have my driver return to Heathrow to return the wrong bag. My bag was put on an Oceania bus to be brought to the ship along with some other passengers, and got to me without a hitch. We arrived on the Marina without further delay and met with the concierge, Javier (who was extremely helpful to me and our group for the entire sailing) to go over the Alice Travel cocktail party planned for August 12.
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