My friend Ben Papka and I decided to tour the Normandy beaches, famous for the June 6, 1944 landing of Allied troops. Irene opted to tour Honfleur and Deauville with friends. The beaches were fascinating. An excellent guide provided just enough detail to put the events of that fateful day in proper perspective.

Arromanches and the pre-fabricated harbor carried across the Channel.

Our first stop was at Arromanches, the site of an amazing engineering feat — an artificial harbor pre-fabricated in England and transported here (600,000 tons of concrete and equipment), enabling the Allies to bring supplies ashore. We visited the Landing Museum before going to the Pointe du Hoc, where a heavily armed German battery was destroyed by American troops in a heroic assault on the first day of the invasion. The troops had to climb steep, forbidding cliffs to get at the German batteries. The view from here also provided a unique perspective of the rugged terrain of Omaha Beach. We then visited Omaha Beach, the scene of the bloodiest battles of that day. We went on to St. Laurent — just behind Omaha Beach — where 10,000 American are buried. This is a very beautiful spot, so peaceful today and so moving.
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