Oceania Riviera Christening — Venice

The sail-in to this city is one of the most beautiful in the world. You get a very different perspective of this city built on canals from high on Riviera’s top deck. It was eerily quiet early in the morning, as we sailed past the Grand Canal and the Doge’s Palace to our dock.

BuranoOur excursion took us to the islands of Murano and Burano. Irene and I had not been back here since 1966 and were looking forward to it. After a leisurely half hour boat ride to Murano, we were given the opportunity to see a true glass artist and master craftsman in action at a glass factory. It was very worthwhile including the tour of the showrooms and We toured the showrooms and marveled at the items on display, especially the exquisite Venetian chandeliers. Then it was off to the island of Burano, a fishing island where all the houses are painted in different bright colors. The island is also famous for its lace and we were able to visit an artist at work.

A short boat ride let us off in the heart of Venice, where we walked to St. Mark’s square. The square was mobbed. We walked around the square and took in the atmosphere of the competing orchestras in the 2 cafes and marveled at the Byzantine St Mark’s Cathedral. After an action packed day, it was time to return to the ship to pack our bags and enjoy final scrumptious dinner.

Please view my gallery from this trip.
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