Paris with Josh

We're having a wonderful time. Great travelmates. The kids are all making friends, our hotels are terrific. It's an interesting mix in that some families here have three generations represented but more have just grandparents/grandchildren. It's a special time and I'm so glad we're doing it. Josh is now “into” exotic and expensive cars, so seeing an Aston Martin and Bugati was a real treat for him.
Josh at Versailles

Josh at Versailles

I think he was very moved at the Deportation Memorial near Notre Dame, marking the Jews departure to concentration camps during World War II. There is not much publicity about this memorial but very worth seeing. The Eiffel Tower, being such a recognizable landmark, was exciting for the kids. We "elevatored" up and walked down the whole way — the trip down was certainly not to Irene's delight! The gardens in Versailles were in full bloom and Josh found them even more exciting than the public room which are always crowded. He was impressed with the Hall of Mirrors. How could you not be? Ah, and he loved the food. Had crepes several times, ice cream almost every day, a most impressive Grand Marnier soufflé, and his first battle with escargots.
Luxembourg Gardens

Luxembourg Gardens

We enjoyed our quiet time in various gardens specifically the Tuilleries, Luxembourg, and Versailles. The last night’s cruise on the Seine was a magical ending to a fabulous trip. There is no more beautiful city in the world than Paris, it is truly the City of Lights. I'd move here tomorrow if I could convince Irene to come with me. Au revoir for today. We've only got a little over a week before we leave on Oceania's new Marina for a Western Europe cruise. Speak to you from there!
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  1. Marlene Rogovin

    You all look wonderful. So glad you had a great trip.

  2. Brian & Rosemary Willis

    Hello Jerry,
    What a great idea.
    Really enjoyed seeing what Josh experienced.
    Fondest regards.

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